Auction policy

  1. All sales will be considered in cash and in euros (€), VAT included and subject to the special regime for used goods, objects of art, antiques and collectibles. As required by community legislation, the VAT tax cannot be itemized, sales will be considered for all purposes made in Spanish territory.
  2. Customers who want participate in auction is mandatory to fill in their billing address, it is also necessary to offer auction house you have made, or provide the full name of the guarantor.
  3. The total sale price will include 18% of the auction price. The numismatic pieces will be sent by certified mail or courier depending on the volume of sales and the weight, if it is necessary to have insurance on the package, it must be contracted before payment. The delivery will depend on the shipping method, and the delivery policy of the courier / postal company. The corresponding shipping and insurance costs will be borne by the buyer, who will be informed before making the payment.
  4. For customers who cannot attend the auction in person, we offer the pre-bid order service . The lots are sold at the lowest possible price, with the bidding order prevailing over the room. In case of coincidence with the bid orders, priority will be given to the one previously received in our offices.Real-time auctions will be real bids and will no longer drive down prices.
  5. Any form of payment other than cash payment must be previously communicated, in this case “” will maintain in his possession the numismatic pieces until their total liquidation.
  6. Only for the case of auction sales, a 4.5% will be charged in case of payments through Paypal.
  7. Any payment made in a different currency will be regularized by the countervalue applied by our bank.
  8. “” reserves the right to cancel the sale and dispose of the lots when the buyer has not satisfied the payment within perhaps days after the auction, without this fact implying the waiver of their rights and consequent claims.
  9. The descriptions in this catalog have been meticulously made by our technical team which guarantees its condition and authenticity. In any case, if any defect not described in the catalog affects any of the pieces, it may be returned within fifteen days. In the lots that are described by the expression “TO EXAMINE” returns will not be accepted, which is why we ask you to refrain from issuing bids for them if they have not been previously reviewed.
  10. It is the buyer’s obligation to observe the tax and customs provisions in force in Spain. In the case of export, it is the buyer’s responsibility to observe the customs and exchange provisions in force in Spain, as well as the regulations in this regard issued in the Spanish Historical Heritage Law, 16/85 of June 25 and Royal Decrees of Partial development of the Law. The amounts of the Export Tax will be borne by the buyer. The organizers of the auction decline all responsibility for the eventual consequences of non-observance of said provisions.
  11. Any litigation will be submitted to the courts of Madrid, and the buyer expressly waives any other jurisdiction that may correspond to him. The text that binds the parties involved is the one published in Spanish.
  12. These conditions will be considered accepted at the time of receipt of the bid order or participation in the auction.

Increases will be adjusted as a general rule as follows:
Between €0 and €20, an increase of €1 is applied
Between €21 and €50, an increase of €2 is applied
Between €51 and €100 an increase of €5 is applied
Between €101 and €500 an increase of €10 is applied
Between €501 and €1000 an increase of €20 is applied
Between 1001 € and €2,000, an increase of €50 is applied
Between €2,001 and €5,000, an increase of €100 is applied
Between €5,001 and €10,000, an increase of €200 is applied
From €10,001 € an increase of €500 applies

For clarification and to make this condition more explicit, we include the following example. A lot with a starting price of €0 because a pre-bid order of €25 is received does not mean that this will be the award price, but rather that it will be compared with the orders received previously and with those of room. Let’s take as an example that the highest was €16, in this way the award price would be €17.

“” will not be responsible for the interruption of the online mode due to force majeure or deficiencies attributable to third parties.

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